Monday, March 3, 2014

So have you read the YouTube comments lately?

My name is Brian and I had a small role in this little trailer. As I write this, the Oscars have ended and The Women of Wall Street is surpassing 275,000 views. Wow! I could not have imagined that such a fun and simple concept could have ignited the passion and fury in the comments section. I asked Nicole if I could write a little something for her blog because I too feel passionately about something.

There seems to be a sentiment that this project was a purely female endeavor and could only come from the minds of angry women. In fact, this idea was born from a casual conversation about how different it would be to see women on quaaludes, throwing money into the air, and hanging each other over balconies. From that, we brainstormed other movies with this same changeup including Shawshank Redemption, The Searchers, and Back to the Future. Just imagine George McFly putting the moves on his daughter in a parked car. Does that change the way you feel about that scene? Funnier? Creepier? More ridiculous? That is why this video was made. The Wolf of Wall Street is the perfect movie to get this treatment due to its over-the-top subject matter. We didn’t know what people would think. Would they think it was funny, unrealistic, offensive, or would there be no difference with men or women? Clearly, it was not the latter. Sure, we could have used cats instead of women because everyone loves cats, but I have heard they are difficult to direct and I personally suffer from acute allergies.

If you have scrolled below the video and seen ten people in a row say, “Get back in the kitchen,” you may wonder, “Why haven’t they shut the comments down?” Well, it merely proves why this video was a good idea.

 I'm not surprised by the irrational comments, but I am surprised by the overuse of the F-word. Feminist. Judging by the nature of the comments, this is something terrible, so I reviewed it in the dictionary. A feminist is someone who shares the belief that men and women should have equal rights. I guess that makes me one of these hated feminists. So gentlemen, if you love your mother, sister, or your girlfriend, that probably makes you a feminist. And that’s a good thing.

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  1. Oooh, yes please, do more movie trailers like this! Great idea! :D